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Pre-School – Set the foundation for success in life as early as possible.

With super-fun games and activities, kids learn focus, coordination and confidence.


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Martial Arts for Discipline, Focus, Fitness & Fun

Kids love martial arts because they're so fun. Parents love them because they help kids develop...

Respect towards themselves and others...

Discipline to get done homework, chores and whatever needs to be done...

Confidence to grab life by the horns and challenge themselves...

Fitness for health, happiness and longevity

And focus to study, pay attention and learn

It's the ultimate win/win. Kids have a blast while growing and flourishing. Parents feel safe and sound knowing their kids are supervised, and in a super-productive environment.

No Time-outs. No "Mad Corners". Just Praise & Encouragement.

When some parents hear about our method of disciplining kids... they say, Yeah right! Like that would ever work.

Then they see how calm and controlled our classes are.

We've developed a method of giving kids structure and discipline we call PCP(Praise... Correct... Praise). Kids are taught through positive praise and motivation rather than time outs and punishment.

The Results ?

Discipline becomes enjoyable. Kids strive to behave well so they can receive even more praise and encouragement. But if you think this stops at our facility, think again...

This positive behavior carries into the home...

and everywhere else. It's truly life-changing.

Start Ahead, Stay Ahead

Research shows that high-quality pre-k increases a child's chances of succeeding in school and in life.

That's because they learn the following life skills: focus, confidence, discipline, respect and more!

Kids who attend a top-notch program like ours are less likely to be held back a grade, less likely to need special classes, and more likely to graduate from high school.

It just makes good sense to start your child off on the right foot.

Starting Early To Boost Achievement

Not only does a high-quality preschool program result in better kindergarten readiness with improved vocabulary and skills?

Research also shows that young children?s earliest learning experiences can have powerful long-term effects on their lives.

Our award-winning curriculum is designed to promote important values that give your child the best chance for success in life.

Values such as: confidence, focus and listening skills? as well as self-discipline, respect and inner strength.

Great people have great values and great ethics? and there?s no better time to instill those values in your child than now.

Check out what Google users are saying about Koguryo Martial Arts Academy

Makiva McIntosh
- 2 weeks ago
We are very happy with our experience at Koguryo. The instructors are truly engaging of every student, they reinforce the importance of discipline and respect while still ensuring that the students are having fun while they learn. When a student is having a rough time in class they aren't quick to just set them to the side; they take time to talk and listen to the student and work to resolve any issues or concerns in a firm but caring way. We are pleased with the skillset our child is building at Koguryo!

Jason Payne
- 3 weeks ago
My son is very shy and has been going to Koguryo for 2 weeks now . I am already seeing a lot more confidence in him. Matthew's teacher from school even sent me an email today that he has been participating in class which he wasn't doing before and I told his teacher that he recently started karate. Thank you Master Cirle for your help in supporting my son. I definitely recommend anyone to check out Koguryo Martial Arts .

Rebecca Spooner
- a month ago
Wonderful experience! My son has been really wanting to try karate. This place did not disappoint. Very well organized and thorough enrollment process-which as I parent I loved! My son has ADHD and was really able to focus and keep up. I was so impressed with everything.

Datto 510
- a month ago
Great school with a lot to offer. Signed up my twin teens for a 6wk trial and now we are members. Can’t say enough good things about the instructors and the quality martial arts my kids are learning. Highly recommend!

Kaylie Buxton
- a month ago
Master Circle and Samuel are both excellent with the blue dragon kids! They are patient and kind, know each child by name, and encourage the kids; praising them on what they do well, and helping them learn new skills. My son has really enjoyed his time there.

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