Meet Jared Circle
Owner at Koguryo Martial Arts Academy in Westerville, OH

My name is Jared Circle and I am the head instructor of Koguryo Martial Arts in Westerville. I hold a 5th Dan in Koguryo Tang Soo Do, a 4th Dan in Hap Ki Do, and a 3rd Dan in Soo Ho Ji Moo Yong Soo Ji Do.

My martial arts career began in college, and I have trained throughout my adult life in various systems, predominantly Korean. I am an active practitioner as well as instructor and enjoy training daily in the development of the systems I teach.

Traditional martial arts and its emphasis on respect and strength of character are central components in its capacity to bring empowerment to the lives of those who pursue it with dedication. My philosophy as a teacher and student is to strive to grow through martial arts as a template for life, and it is my goal to empower those who enter into one of my schools with the ability to be self-actualized individuals capable of overcoming any issue that life presents.

Our schools are located in Westerville Ohio and serve the greater Columbus area with instruction in traditional martial arts. Our instructors are dedicated to bringing their best to the mat with every class and they train daily to improve as martial artists and instructors. With over six decades of combined experience and black belt ranks in more than seven different martial arts styles, the staff at Koguryo Martial Arts brings a breath of knowledge unparalleled in central Ohio.

Koguryo Martial Arts schools specialize in Kids Martial Arts, Adult Martial Arts, Fitness Kickboxing, and Summer Camp. We offer training programs for individuals of all ages and strive to make our students happy. We promise that our students will train, progress, and achieve in a positive, friendly, and clean atmosphere at our Westerville facilities.

Our curriculum covers striking, grappling, joint locks and throws, as well as complete weapons training in Nunchaku, Staff, Tonfa, Sai, Kama, Spear, Sword and much more. Our goals at Koguryo Martial Arts is to provide our students with a complete knowledge of martial arts as we can offer.

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